Clothes pins in series

I have a drill battery that for some reason will not work in the factory charger. (possibly because I rebuilt it myself) So I need a way to kludge on a laptop power supply to do a trickle charge. Not having a socket for the business end of the battery, I have to attach wires somehow. I tried a standard clothes pin, will stretch to the one inch spacing if you bend the spring. It is not satisfactory. So I made a wider clothes pin by gluing two together in series. The glued blades are sawn off and the tips shaped a bit. Works great.

Clothes pins

Clothes Pins in Series 1


I can make a triple too.  A standard clothes pin will open less than a half inch. A double will open an inch, a triple an inch and a half.  Those are the spade tips I used to make the actual contact with the battery terminals.


Clothes Pins in Series 2

Clothes Pins in Series 2


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